Official RuRa DVD Authoring Tutorial
by Brian Rogers

This is a tutorial to help teach you how to make DVD's of NASCAR races
or anything for that matter. The thing is. Once you learn how to cram
3 or more hours of decent quality video on to a DVD disc made to hold
2 hours worth of video, any other recording will be a snap. So I will
a long race (2004 Daytona 500) as an example throughout this tutorial.

I have tampered with, experimented with, and tried nearly every configuration
of these settings at every resolution, every bit rate, every form of video soap,
with almost any thing you could throw at me. I'm still trying to learn other tricks
to get the best quality possible, but for now this is what I've got. I assure you
that this is the best way that I've found for fitting the best possible quality video
on to a DVD. Especially anything 2 hours and over. These bitrates may seem funny, but
they work, and with the DVD software getting better and better, the DVD's get better and
better. But you have my promise that this is the best information that I have as of now
and if I ever get any new information or learn any new tricks, this will be updated and
things added to it. I will also make a revision of this tutorial once DVD DL (Double Layer) media is easier to
come by. When it is easier to come by, maybe by then I'll be able to afford a DL burner.
this could make a world of difference in DVD authoring. DVD DL will give you 8.3 Gigabytes
of space as opposed to 4.7 of single layer DVD's. What does this all mean??? Well, what it
means is that you can record races or shows at much, much higher bitrates and quality settings
and still fit it all on one disc... Essentially ending up with a DVD that is as good as the
original broadcast you watched it in!!!


Capturing the video

I will be using an ATI all in Wonder card and its included software for
demonstration purposes. If you have something other than an ATI All In Wonder
capture device, refer to your manual. However, I will be as explanatory and
helpful as I can in this tutorial. Everything I cover, should be similar from
one capture device to another. Just take note of what I do with the ATI software
and transfer it to your software. If you're still having problems, give me an
e-mail and I'll see if I can help.

Before we just go in and start recording video, let's make a few tweaks and fine
tunes to our capturing software shall we... After all, tweaking is what it's
all about, right?
Start up your Television viewing software.

Right click on the screen (or click the setup button [the one with the
check mark in this case]) to enter the setup for the Television software.

Click on the "Personal Video Recorder" tab to get to the properties for recording
our races. As you can see, I've already made my own setting. Called NASCAR
Busch and Trucks. This is a preset setting that I have made for Busch and Truck races
which tend to be shorter than Cup races. Since they are shorter, I give them their
own setting so that I can get the best quality possible for the approximate time
the race will run. The good thing about it is, that any other program I want to
record that is around 2 hours or so, can be used with this setting!!!
Let's make another one for Cup races that tend to be somewhere in the 3 hour range.
Click on "Map Preset" to open up the configuration for making your own Preset options.

Now, click on "Create New". This will get you in to the nitty gritty of setting up your
Personal Video Recorder!!!

Here, fill in anything you want for the name and do the same for a description. When
selecting the recording type or format you want to use... Always stick with Mpeg for
DVD authoring. I've noticed that the DVD Authoring programs out there today have
problems trying to render anything other than an MPEG to a DVD... I don't know why.

Here you can see how I filled in my information. Your's could be similar, or it may
be completely different. It doesn't really matter as long as you know what preset
it is. Click "Next" and let's get on in to it!

For "Format" Choose "MPEG 2". For Standard, choose NTSC. For Resolution,
choose 720x480. Encode interlaced and inversed should be selected. For
Audio, choose what you want to, but I always choose 48.000KHz/16 bit stereo.

Click "Next" to go to the Frame Sequence selection.

I always use the default settings on this. You should feel free to play around with
different settings and experiment on your own, but I've never seen any gain, nor loss
by changing any of these values.
Click next to proceed to bitrates.

choose variable bit rate, because if you choose constant, you'll never get it all to
fit on a single disc.
Here I will put a little table with the best bitrates for specific hour length
recordings. Make a note of this table, it will come in VERY HANDY.

1 Hour9716 Kbps720x480
2 Hours5073 Kbps720x480
3 Hours3382 Kbps720x480
4 Hours2537 Kbps720x480
6 Hours1619 Kbps352x480

What I choose for cup races is the 3 hour setting. So set the Max Bit Rate
Somewhere around 3382 - 3392 Kbps. Set the Target bitrate for 3382 Kbps.
Set the Motion Estimation Quality to 100%, and Audio Encoding Parameters to
256 Kbps.

Click "Next" to go to Video Soap properties.

Just a little explanation on what video saop is. It's a program that is supposed to
"clean up" your picture and actually help your recording quality. It's supposed to
take out fuzzy's and give you a sharper picture or whatever really. I have messed with
these settings for weeks at a time and have never been pleased with results from the
video soap. In my personal opinion, it hurts the quality of your recording more than
it helps it. So I always make sure that "None" is selected.

Click Next to proceed.

On this, I always just choose Windows limit... It really has nothing to do with
the quality of your recording. Then Click FINISH and you've got your own preset!!

See!!!! Now it's up there as one of our top 4 default selections!!!

You're ready to start recording with all the new presets that you've got keyed
in!!! Just click the Button and you're recording with
what ever preset is selected in your setup menu!

Click here to go to page 2 using
DVD authoring software to put your video on do a DVD!!!


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