Creating and Loading Driver Pictures
by Stephen Gibson

Far too often people have problems loading their picture into a car file.  We hope through this help file we will be able to show you how to use Paint Shop Pro to create and load your image.


First we will need a picture.  I have chosen a nice picture of our good friend Jar Jar Binks for this Example.  Now we will load our image into PSP.

Load Picture

Next we will begin to resize it to fit the size needed.  The  picture will have to be 181 X 167 (for NASCAR 3) or 188 X 271 (for NASCAR Legends) to load into the game, but we don't want to resize it to that size just yet.  Since this image is longer in proportion we will resize the height to the correct size.  If it were taller we would adjust the width to match.  Go to "Image" on the menu bar and select "Resize".  For width we will insert 167.  Make sure "Maintain aspect ratio" is checked at the bottom of the resize window.  If not it will skew our image and mess up the proportion.

Resize Image

Go to "Selection" on the menu bar and click "Select All".  This will select the entire image.  Now click on the Copy icon or go to "Edit/Copy" on the menu bar.  Next we will make the field to put our new image into.  On the menu bar we we will need to go to "File" and select "New" or select the New icon.  A "New Image" box will pop up, and we will need to set the width to 181 and the length to 167.  Click ok and you will see your new blank picture.

Copy image and create new

All we have to do now is paste the image we just copied into the new blank we just made.  Go to "Edit" and "Paste" off of the menu bar.  Select "As New Selection" and your image will be placed into the new image, with any excess not showing as in the Picture to the right.  We can now move it until it is centered as we would like.  Now it may be easy to see why we only sized the height of the image earlier in this process.  We can center Mr. Bink's into the image perfectly.

Paste Image into New

We will now save the file.  Select "File" and "Save As" on the menu bar.  When typing in the name of the file we must make sure to use the same filename as the car we are going to import it into.  In the drop down menu we will select "Truevision Targa (*.tga)", but we don't want hit "Save" yet.

Saving as TGA

Before we save we will click the options button and make sure the "16 bits" and "Uncompressed" boxes are selected.  It will not load into the game properly if it is saved differently.  Now we are ready to save.  We need to save it in the cars folder of our game, and make sure the filename is the same as the car we are going to load it into.

Verifying Save Options

Now lets load our image.  Go into "Driver Info" in our NASCAR game and select the car we are installing the Picture into.  Click on "Driver Info" at the bottom of the screen.  On this screen we see the car to put the picture with.  We'll click "Load TGA" at the bottom of your screen, and we're done.  Don't forget to click yes to save your carfile when you exit.

Loading your Driver Pic

I hope this is somewhat useful to those of you that may have needed the help with it.  There are many way to do this differently, but this is the most common way I use.  Thanks, S_Gibson



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