NASCAR 2002 Racing Season
Reviewed by Stephen Gibson

Wondering why we didn’t have a review ready sooner? We take our racing seriously and want to be fair in our findings and opinions of this sim. This is of course the opinion of the author. As we know mileage often varies from one person to another their perception of a real racing sim. A lot of things included in the review are based on previous sims released by Papyrus. Mainly compared to NASCAR 3 or 4 which is what most NASCAR sim racers are using. I’m hoping that many of you reading are aware or familiar with Papyrus’s edge with these NASCAR sims. If not, there is still a lot of useful info for you to read through.


  Like a kid in a candy store I stared at the copy of NASCAR Racing 2002 Season from Papyrus. It was only 2:30 and I still had several hours before I got off work. “These pictures on the box kick butt”, I thought to myself. “If this sim looks half that good I’ll have found a piece of heaven on Earth.” Five O’clock comes, and I dart out the door. I don’t even tell my fellow comrades, whom I’ve spent 40 hours a week for the last several years with, to have a good evening.

  Upon entering the house, I try to work my way past the wife and kids into the dark corner of the house I passionately call “The Computer Room”. “Daddy must have gotten that new racing game”, are about the only words I recall my wife saying that evening.

  I gently peel that square tape off the box, which is the only thing separating me from the contents within. I take special care not to tear, what I consider to be some of the best artwork ever seen on a software box. I pull the heavy cardboard box they include to support the flimsy outer shell, and notice the book is much thinner than the one they shipped with NASCAR 4. No matter, I never read the manual for NASCAR 4.  So they weren’t shorting me anything there.

  I wasted no time installing the software, making sure to keep the jewel case close with those 20 all powerful digits. Don’t expect a minimal install. All I saw was a full install. Didn’t matter this hard drive is nothing but primed for NASCAR lovin’. Install went without a hitch and I jumped into the game. The intro movie kicks butt. Harvick got a lot of airtime so I found it even more interesting. After the joystick calibration I was set to hit the options screen. O so familiar, but O so different. I threw my car, which I had sweated over from templates released previously, and began to tear up the racing surface at Coca Cola Speedway. Could life possibly ever be the same?



Developer - Papyrus
Publisher - Sierra


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The main screen!

Car is set to go!

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