Paint Scheme Forums?

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Paint Scheme Forums?

Post by jawsoflife353 »

I was just wondering if the Paint Scheme forum section is going to make a return. That was the reason I made an account for the old forums but I didn't see a section for it here. I know Jayski has the 3 national series, but there isn't anywhere for ARCA and Jayski doesn't have as much historical stuff as RuRa used to.

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Re: Paint Scheme Forums?

Post by S_Gibson »

Thanks for the inquiry.

Not sure which direction we will go. I'm not technical enough to maintain a larger site and no one wanted to help. The amount of time, resources and space required for what we had made it more of a job for me than I need. I have a full time job, no longer received enjoyment from the site and lacked the ability to maintain it. vBulletin was a turd. A resource hog, was compromised repeatedly and was not very easy to maintain. After the forum directory was deleted in March I couldn't figure out how to set it back up and get it to work with the attachments and database we had. No one seemed to care enough to help, so..... The only way to get it the old data and attachments converted to work with other forum software was to pay someone to do it.

I think if we make it a smaller site, hopefully make it fun like it used to be and it won't seem like a chore. Certainly something that will cost so little we don't have to beg every year for help to pay hosting bill. If the site is smaller we can go back to a shared hosting plan and I won't have to fight database and attachment size limitations. I do appreciate all those that donated through the years and Phathead for purchasing the software, but I'm not the type that like and is comfortable asking for money. I covered quite a bit of the cost last year myself. Asking for donations for a site I honestly never visited and did not enjoy is something I do not want to continue to do.

The site was down for months and I was helpless to do anything about it after Bluehost tossed the database onto my primary drive and vBulletin filled it up the entire 30 gigs we had available with its ridiculously large search tables. Once the drive was full I couldn't gain access to anything with the site and the guys at Bluehost were little help. It would still be down if they hadn't magically changed back whatever they had done in the first place. Whatever they did to the site took 8 gigs overnight until they undid whatever they had done earlier.

vBulletin was constantly being compromised. More than we ever experienced with any other software we have used. Every few months I'd have to reupload files.

To shorten that long story. Not sure what we will plans for the site. After talking to Reid I just set this forum up to play around with. Not sure if we will keep it or what else we might change with the site. I don't need another job, so this needs to be fun and a hobby.

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Re: Paint Scheme Forums?

Post by Sean Casto »

all good Gib!

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Re: Paint Scheme Forums?

Post by strawberry »

Just a suggestion for schemes--would it be possible to just use imgur or some other free image-hosting site to upload the images (say, one post per number/year) and just save the links for the forum? That way the images won't take up any space, but the community still has access to them, and can contribute by sending whoever posts it additional images to add to the post. It'd be incredibly time-consuming but immensely helpful, for nr2003 painters and bored quarantiners alike. In case this needs more elaboration, an example:

Say some painter wants to find one of Brian Weber's 2002 BGN cars to paint, since many have not been painted. Obviously we'd have the paints as its own forum section. Within the paints section is each series, and within each series is each year, so a 2002 post within the Xfinity/Nwide/Busch section within the painting section. The post will be full of imgur (or whatever service is used) links labeled per number (in whatever order, but numerical may be best). So the painter can simply find #84 within the 2002 post, click on the link and it has all the #84 paints for 2002 that were on the site before. Better yet, each image can be labeled with where it raced and with what driver. And if someone finds an image that hasn't been posted, they can send it to whoever made the imgur post and they can add it to the album. The structure obviously doesn't have to be like this as it's just a suggestion.

Again, this will certainly take several days to do, but it would be a great long-term solution for both the nr2003 community and people bored out of their mind :D .

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