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Google Adsense is no longer viable to pay our web hosting bill. For about a year the earning of the advertising has been cut by more than half while the traffic and page views has barely changed. This being said our next web hosing bill is due August 9th. We will need nearly $500 to keep the site alive for another year. We are running close to needing to upgrade our space again, at that time we will be looking at an additional $10 a month for additional space. I don't expect we will need this for another 6 months or so.

I welcome anyone that wishes to keep the forum alive in it's current form to donate to the forum. My Paypal is .

I'm going to be quite busy over the next week, but I'll keep a tally of those that have donated to keep the site below. If you wish to remain anonymous let me know.

Thanks in advance. Should it be determined to shutdown the site due to lack of funds all money will be returned.

$100 ~ nascarartist20
$100 ~ Slumerican
$50 ~ Tyler97
$25 ~ burtonbraves
$20 ~ IFRT-c_crisp26
$20 ~ Jetsplaya97
$20 ~ binkerbo
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2000 Busch Grand National Series - #71

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  • 2000 Busch Grand National Series - #71

    Kevin Lepage (Charlotte2)
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    Originally posted by Sconnie
    Makes sense, since you could make two crew uniforms out of one of Harmon's.
    Originally posted by cantdrive55
    Does Harmon's Ram Charger qualify for cult status?
    Originally posted by QuietlyFly
    What would Todd have done in the 48? My guess is wreck closer to the front.