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1999 Winston Cup *Team Chart*

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  • 1999 Winston Cup *Team Chart*

    So this is going to be a big undertaking but I'm going to try to make it as complete and accurate as possible. I'd appreciate the assistance of anyone who can make sure the information is correct, and also to rebuild the broken attachments where necessary.

    Full Time Teams
    Hendrick Motorsports Rick Hendrick
    #5 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chevrolet; Terry Labonte

    #24 DuPont Automotive Finishes Chevrolet; Jeff Gordon

    #25 Budweiser Chevrolet; Wally Dallenbach, Jr.

    Dale Earnhardt, Inc.
    #1 Pennzoil Chevrolet; Steve Park

    Penske-Kranefuss Racing Roger Penske, Michael Kranefuss
    #2 Miller Lite Ford; Rusty Wallace

    #12 Mobil 1 Ford; Jeremy Mayfield

    Richard Childress Racing
    #3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet; Dale Earnhardt

    #31 Lowe's Chevrolet; Mike Skinner

    Morgan-McClure Motorsports Tim Morgan, Larry McClure
    #4 Kodak Max Film Chevrolet; Bobby Hamilton

    Roush Racing Jack Roush
    #6 Valvoline Ford; Mark Martin

    #16 TV Guide Ford; Kevin Lepage

    #26 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Ford; Johnny Benson

    #97 John Deere Ford; Chad Little

    #99 Exide Batteries Ford; Jeff Burton

    Mattei Motorsports Jim Mattei, John Porter
    #7 Philips/Klaussner Furniture Chevrolet; Michael Waltrip

    Melling Racing Harry and Mark Melling
    #9 Cartoon Network Ford; Jerry Nadeau (Through Michigan II), Steve Grissom (Bristol II, Darlington II, Richmond II), Rich Bickle (NH II through Talladega II), Stacy Compton (Starting Rockingham II)

    Rudd Performance Motorsports Ricky Rudd
    #10 Tide/Downy Ford; Ricky Rudd

    Brett Bodine Racing
    #11 Paychex Ford; Brett Bodine

    Joe Gibbs Racing
    #18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac; Bobby Labonte

    #20 The Home Depot Pontiac; Tony Stewart*

    Wood Brothers Racing Glen and Leonard Wood
    #21 Citgo Ford; Elliott Sadler*

    Bill Davis Racing
    #22 Caterpillar Ford; Ward Burton

    Haas-Carter Motorsports Travis Carter, Carl Haas
    #23 No Bull/Winston Ford; Jimmy Spencer

    #66 Big K-Mart Ford; Darrell Waltrip

    Robert Yates Racing
    #28 Texaco/Havoline Ford; Kenny Irwin, Jr.

    #88 Ford Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Ford; Dale Jarrett

    Bahari Racing (Through Michigan II) Dick Bahe, Chuck Rider
    Eel River Racing (Starting Bristol II) Jack Birmingham
    #30 Jimmy Dean Pontiac; Derrike Cope (Through Michigan II), Todd Bodine Starting (Bristol II), Mike Bliss (Martinsville II, Rockingham II), Buckshot Jones* (Talladega II)

    Andy Petree Racing
    #33 Skoal Chevrolet; Ken Schrader

    #55 Square D Chevrolet; Kenny Wallace

    MB2 Motorsports Nelson Bowers, Tom Beard, Read Morton
    #36 M&M's Pontiac; Ernie Irvan (Through Michigan II practice), Dick Trickle (Michigan II race), Jerry Nadeau (Starting Bristol II)

    Team SABCO Felix Sabates
    #40 Coors Light/Original Coors Chevrolet; Sterling Marlin

    #42 Bellsouth Chevrolet; Joe Nemechek

    Larry Hedrick Motorsports
    #41 Kodiak Chevrolet; David Green (Through Richmond II), Dick Trickle (NH II through Charlotte II), Derrike Cope (Talladega II through Homestead), Gary Bradberry (Atlanta II)

    Petty Enterprises Richard Petty
    #43 STP Pontiac; John Andretti

    PE2 Enterprises Kyle Petty
    #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac; Kyle Petty

    Tyler Jet Motorsports Tim Beverley
    #45 10-10-345 Lucky Dog Pontiac; Rich Bickle (Through Darlington II), Jack Sprague (Richmond II), David Green (Starting NH II)

    Joe Bessey Racing
    #60 PECO Energy Power Team Chevrolet; Geoff Bodine

    Marcis Auto Racing Dave Marcis
    #71 Team Realtree Chevrolet; Dave Marcis, R.K. Smith (Sonoma)

    Butch Mock Motorsports Butch Mock, Darwin Oordt
    #75 Remington Ford; Ted Musgrave, Hut Stricklin (Atlanta II)

    Jasper Motorsports Doug Bawel, Mark Wallace, Mark Harrah
    #77 Jasper Engines and Transmissions Ford; Robert Pressley

    LJ Racing Joe Falk
    Skipped Fontana, Michigan I, Sonoma, Michigan II, Darlington II, Phoenix II, Homestead, Atlanta II
    #91 Chevrolet; Steve Grissom (Through Atlanta I), Dick Trickle, Hut Stricklin (Daytona II), Morgan Shepherd (Pocono II), Jack Baldwin (Watkins Glen), Tom Baldwin Sr. (Richmond II), Derrike Cope (NH II, Dover II), Tim Fedewa (Martinsville II), Andy Hillenburg (Charlotte II, Talladega II), Rich Bickle (Rockingham II)

    Bill Elliott Racing
    #94 McDonald's Drive-Thru Ford; Bill Elliott

    Cale Yarborough Motorsports
    #98 Woody Woodpecker Ford; Rick Mast

    Part-Time Teams
    Team SABCO
    Felix Sabates
    #01 Tracfone Chevrolet; Jeff Green (Charlotte I DNQ, Pocono I), Steve Grissom (Indianapolis DNQ, Talladega II), Ron Hornaday (Richmond II, Martinsville II DNQ)

    Dale Earnhardt, Inc.
    #8 Budweiser Chevrolet; Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Charlotte I, NH I, Michigan II, Richmond II, Atlanta II)

    DeVane Racing Frank Keziah
    #08 Georgia Peanut Chevrolet; Harris DeVane (Atlanta I DNQ)

    Bill Elliott Racing
    #13 NationsRent Ford; Dick Trickle (Daytona I DNQ)

    Ted Christopher Racing
    #13 LesCare Kitchens Chevrolet; Ted Christopher (Watkins Glen)

    Irvan-Simo Racing Ernie Irvan, Mark Simo
    #14 Federated Auto Parts Ford; Randy LaJoie (Texas, Charlotte I DNQ, NH II), Boris Said (Fontana DNQ, Sonoma DNQ, Indianapolis DNQ, Watkins Glen, Homestead), Buckshot Jones (Charlotte II DNQ)
    [Federated Auto Parts/HomeLink: Watkins Glen]

    Bud Moore Engineering (Daytona I)
    Fenley-Moore Motorsports Randy Fenley, Bud Moore
    #15 Ford; Jeff Green (Daytona I DNQ), Derrike Cope (Charlotte II, Atlanta II DNQ)
    [Unsponsored Black and Yellow: Daytona I; Taurus 2K: Charlotte II; Harrah's Las Vegas: Atlanta II]

    #62 Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce Ford; Lane Hooper (Indianapolis DNQ)

    Jenn West Motorsports Butch Gilliland, Richard Hilton
    #38 Ralph's/Coca-Cola Ford; Butch Gilliland (Las Vegas DNQ, Fontana DNQ. Sonoma)

    Glen Morgan Racing
    #48 Texas Marine Chevrolet; Glen Morgan (Daytona I DNQ)

    Midwest Transit Racing Hal Hicks, Mike Witter
    #50 Midwest Transit Chevrolet; Dan Pardus* (Daytona I, Talladega I, Charlotte I DNQs), Billy Standridge (Rockingham I DNQ), Ron Hornaday (Las Vegas DNQ), Ricky Craven (Daytona II, NH I, Indianapolis, Michigan II, Bristol II, NH II, Dover II, Martinsville II, Charlotte II, Rockingham II, Phoenix II, Homestead, Atlanta II DNQ)

    CSG Racing Briggs Cunningham, Ed Scherer
    #59 Hollywood Video Ford; Mark Gibson (Daytona I DNQ)

    MetCalf Motorsports Randy Morse, John Metcalf
    #70 Re/MAX Chevrolet; John Metcalf (Sonoma DNQ)

    Marcis Auto Racing Dave Marcis
    #72 Team Realtree Chevrolet; Jim Sauter (Daytona I DNQ)

    Barkdoll Racing Phil Barkdoll
    #73 Three Stooges Beer Chevrolet; Ken Bouchard (Daytona I DNQ)

    T.R.I.X. Racing Ted Walters, George Pywowariw
    #79 America Online Chevrolet (Daytona I), Ford; Norm Benning (Daytona I DNQ), Andy Belmont (NH II, Dover II DNQs)
    [Unsponsored black: Daytona I]

    Hover Motorsports Stan Hover
    #80 Ford; Andy Hillenburg (Daytona I DNQ, Open), Gary Bradberry (Indianapolis, Charlotte II DNQs)
    [Cowen Truck Line: Daytona I; Petroleum World Inc./Woodpecker Sports: Open]

    Petty-Huggins Motorsports Beau Petty, Wayne Huggins
    #84 Island Oasis Chevrolet; Stanton Barrett (Daytona I DNQ), Ken Bouchard (Texas, Talladega I, Daytona II DNQs)
    [N'ICE/Acutrim Complete: Daytona I; Three Stooges Beer: Texas]

    Mansion Motorsports Thee Dixon
    #85 Ford; Carl Long (Bristol I, Charlotte I DNQs)

    NEMCO Motorsports Joe Nemechek
    #87 Bully Hill Vineyards Chevrolet; Ron Fellows (Watkins Glen)

    AC Motorsports Terry Cameron
    #89 Chevrolet; Austin Cameron (Las Vegas, Sonoma DNQs)
    [NAPA Auto Parts: Las Vegas; AC Motorsports/Cement Cutting Inc./Creative Touch/Mar-Con Products: Sonoma]

    Gerhart Racing Billy Gerhart
    #89 Greektown Casino Chevrolet; Bobby Gerhart (Talladega II DNQ)

    Davis Racing Enterprises Eric Zimmerman, Jeff Davis​​​​​​​
    #92 Race Day Cafe/Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce Ford; Jeff Davis/Morgan Shepherd (Las Vegas DNQ)
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