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2017 Formula 1 - Sauber F1 Team - C36

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  • 2017 Formula 1 - Sauber F1 Team - C36

    9 - Marcus Ericsson (Sweden ) ERI
    94 - Pascal Wehrlein (Germany ) WEH

    Engine supplier: Ferrari (one year old engine)

    Scheduled launch date: February 20
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    Mystic Missile Racing

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    Car has been revealed
    Click image for larger version

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      That thing is gorgeous. I think we have a good season of liveries ahead of us
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        I wish we could get rid of these thumb nose tips, but other than that this is a good looking car. The livery is amazing, and the bodywork on the car itself looks clean.

        I'm interested, there are some flow conditioners at the back of the headrest area, and they went with a blade roll spar instead of a traditional roll hoop.
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          Mystic Missile Racing


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            Outside of the ghastly shark fin, that looks pretty nice.


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              Just a beautiful livery.


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                Beautiful livery, I'd like to see this with gold wheels. It sorta reminds me of a '96 Ligier.


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                  Livery is gorgeous, aero is disappointing given what we're expecting for this year.

                  Reminds me a little of the Rothmans Williams if they inversed it.