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2017 Formula 1 - Red Bull Racing - RB13

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  • 2017 Formula 1 - Red Bull Racing - RB13

    3 - Daniel Ricciardo (Australia
    ) RIC
    33 - Max Verstappen (Netherlands
    ) VES

    Engine supplier: TAG Heuer (rebadged Renault)

    Scheduled launch date: February 26
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    Here she is

    If the powers-that-be at NASCAR have any common sense left in them, Erik Jones will be driving the 20 for the next 3 weeks.


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      I am beyond intrigued by the Red Bull. The duct on the nose is incredibly fascinating, and I feel like there are a lot more fins and winglets to be added to this car. There is a port on the sides of the nose (ahead of the horns of the bull), similar to how Mercedes runs their S-duct as well. The packaging in the rear is beyond insane, there's barely any space left for the engine.
      Mystic Missile Racing