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  • Here's an obscure one: Anthony Lazzaro was supposed to compete at both Sears Point and Watkins Glen in 2001 with a new team called TWC Motorsport using the #68, then run a limited schedule in 2002 and full-time in 2003:

    I believe all this ended up amounting to was a DNQ at the 2001 Sears Point race.


    • Originally posted by Astat View Post
      Here's an obscure one: Anthony Lazzaro was supposed to compete at both Sears Point and Watkins Glen in 2001 with a new team called TWC Motorsport using the #68, then run a limited schedule in 2002 and full-time in 2003:

      I believe all this ended up amounting to was a DNQ at the 2001 Sears Point race.
      He made the Watkins Glen race later that year.


      • Originally posted by WinstonCup426 View Post
        He made the Watkins Glen race later that year.

        Ah, so he did! Either way, the team wasn't heard from again after the '01 season. Then again, with second-hand Dave Marcis equipment, can't say I'm that surprised.


        • Originally posted by Astat View Post
          Ah, so he did! Either way, the team wasn't heard from again after the '01 season. Then again, with second-hand Dave Marcis equipment, can't say I'm that surprised.
          The team is still around they just gave-up on the Stockcar side of things & went back to the roadcourse stuff, currently they appear to be a "buy-a-ride" supplier & racecar storage type of place.


          • Some 2001-02 rumors
            Kentucky to be bought? Kentucky Speedway may be the next battleground between the France family's ISC and Bruton Smith's Speedway Motorsports, according to NASCAR sources. Smith wants to buy the Kentucky track, according to sources close to the situation. However, Humpy Wheeler said Smith isn't interested in buying the Kentucky track unless it comes with a Winston Cup date. NASCAR is considering adding the Cincinnati area track to its Cup tour for 2002, according to television sources, and is considering adding a second Cup date at both California and Texas, too, and it appears two of those three new race dates would come at the expense of Rockingham and Darlington. Where the third date might come is unclear(Winston Salem Journal)
            AND Speedway Motorsports Inc. President H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler said his company is not interested in buying more Winston Cup tracks right now. He said he wouldn't be interested in Kentucky Speedway because it doesn't have a Cup date and doesn't plan to expand the operation anytime soon. With a down economy and falling stock, Wheeler is concentrating on keeping the company on track(Richmond Times Dispatch)(5-20-2001)
            McDonald's on the Move? UPDATE and DeWalt? The future of McDonalds' Winston Cup sponsorship is apparently on the line (currently on the #96 PPI Motorsports Ford with driver Andy Houston), according to NASCAR sources, with #9-Bill Elliott possibly in line to put the golden arches back on his uniform once again. And there are reports that Dodge's dealers association may only be backing one of Ray Evernham's two stock-car teams next season(Winston Salem Journal)(7-6-2001)
            UPDATE: The Dodge Dealers might be picking up some primary sponsors on Ray Evernham's team. According to a garage source, don't be surprised if McDonald's rejoins Bill Elliott as his sponsor, and Matt Kenseth comes aboard with assistance from his long-time backer, DeWalt(Sporting News), don't know anymore on the DeWalt/Kenseth thing(7-9-2001)
            Darlington Spring Race Moves? Darlington will replace Rockingham as the second race of the year. Rockingham has hosted the second race of the season since 1992. Before that, the second race alternated between Rockingham and Richmond; and Daytona, when Riverside remained on the schedule. The change in schedule for next season will allow Fox to begin coverage of the first half of the season at Darlington. NBC and Fox rotate coverage of the season-opening Daytona 500. NBC will broadcast the race in 2002. Sources said Rockingham's first race of the 2002 season will move to April, likely one of the weeks following the April 7 race at Talladega. The track's second race will continue to remain near the end of the season's schedule(That's Racin')(7-6-2001)
            Irvan to run a BGN or CTS team? rumors are circulating that retired Cup driver Ernie Irvan is planning on starting a BGN or CTS team with Kevin Conway who drove in the ASA last season (no idea what he is doing now). Some sources have the CTS team running as soon as Richmond, another says BGN in 2002, this is all I have heard(7-12-2001)
            Spencer on the Move? UPDATE 2 Spencer leaving: Dodge is making a run at Jimmy Spencer, who could be moving from Travis Carter's #26 team to Chip Ganassi's next season, according to sources close to the situation(Winston Salem Journal)(9-29-2001)
            UPDATE: Car owner [#26 and #66] Travis Carter says Jimmy Spencer has told him he won't be back next season, after five years together, a move that caught Carter by surprise and that has him scrambling for a new driver as teammate with Todd Bodine next season. "Jimmy just told me he's going to drive for somebody else next season," Carter said yesterday. "But I intend on having two teams again next season. So now I need a new driver." Spencer's apparently will move to Chip Ganassi's operation [#01 and #40] as teammate to Sterling Marlin(Winston Salem Journal)
            AND Jimmy Spencer says this is his last season in the #26 Ford. Those moves will launch discussions about other drivers -- Joe Nemechek, Jeremy Mayfield, Kevin Lepage and Hut Stricklin among them(Sporting News)(10-1-2001)
            UPDATE 2: Although there is no official word, Spencer has been rumored to be interested in either the #12 Ford currently driven by Jeremy Mayfield or the #33 Chevrolet piloted by Joe Nemechek(

            Ward in the #12? or is it Spencer? UPDATE: Buzz is reporting "if Jimmy Spencer does leave the #26 Ford team at the end of the season as rumored, he could be working out a deal with Chip Gannasi Racing for 2002. If not there, he's a prime candidate to grab the #12 seat for next season and that if Spencer goes to Ganassi, then Ward Burton may be headed to the #12 [Mobil Ford](
            UPDATE: been told by sources that Burton has a year left on his contract and is not looking to switch rides for 2002 or leave the #22 CAT team(10-6-2001)
            Dallas Cowboys and RCR?: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may not be able to get his team to the Super Bowl, but he could have a car in Daytona. Officials confirmed Thursday that Jones is negotiating to invest up to $10 million in the Richard Childress Winston Cup racing team. Jones has said the goal is to have an agreement in place by February of 2002 when the NASCAR season starts with the Daytona 500. These discussions are the latest example of the Cowboys thrust to market the club beyond the football field. The club attempted to strike a deal to have their colors and logo placed on a car in the Direct TV 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway last year, but the deal fell through(FoxSports)(7-27-2001)
            UPDATE: Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, has been in discussions with Richard Childress Racing to either invest in or sponsor a Winston Cup team next season(That's Racin')(7-28-2001)
            UPDATE 2: Jones has talked with Richard Childress, president of Richard Childress Racing, on issues of NASCAR ownership and the business of securing sponsors to pay the bills. "We're just in the preliminary discussion stage right now," Jones said. "We recognize that NASCAR is an outstanding sport and has a great number of fans who have a lot of synergy with Dallas Cowboys fans." Jones has been told by NASCAR officials that "upwards of $9 million to $12 million a year" can be brought in by sponsors vying for advertising space on the car. "As owners -- again, if we're involved -- we will use the credibility and the visibility of the Dallas Cowboys to promote the racing team during its season and have a [marketing] tie-in during our season," Jones said. "We are going to be sponsored by other companies. That's the business of racing ... to cover your expenses of owning a car. If you do it right, that could mean upwards of $9 million to $12 million a year covered by sponsors. Certainly, we would anticipate that." Jones wouldn't hint at possible sponsors. But he has had business associations with Pepsi-Cola, Miller beer and Dr. Pepper, to name a few. "It would be obvious to everybody that this was the Dallas Cowboys' car out there," Jones said. "It will done -- if we do it -- strictly on a business basis." Jones' sons, Stephen and Jerry Jones Jr., are involved in the day-to-day operation of the Cowboys, and they also have significant roles in projects such as Dallas' new Arena Football League team, which begins play in 2002. "Right now, this is the Dallas Cowboys teaming up with people who are in the [NASCAR] business," Jones said. "But no matter what we might do here, my focus will remain on football. I am the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. The car, the visibility, the success of [racing] would be done just like I run the Dallas Cowboys -- just not by me." Jones' family members will handle all corporate decisions, even the hiring of the driver(Star Telegram)(7-29-2001)
            UPDATE 3: Might we see the silver background and blue star of the Dallas Cowboys on a Richard Childress car in the future? It's a distinct possibility. "We'd be crazy not to listen to the Cowboys," says Childress, whose stable includes five cars -- three in Winston Cup and two in the Busch Series(Sporting News) and a story at Childress: On Purvis, Harvick, Cowboys(7-30-2001)

            Jerry Jones with Andy Petree? I am hearing Sports Illustrated is reporting that Andy Petree and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are talking about a possible partnership of partial ownership and sponsorship for the #33 car of Joe Nemechek. According to the story, Jones wants partial ownership and Richard Childress, with who he has also had discussions, is not willing to do that. Petree and Jones have begun discussions along those lines(haven't seen it or seen it online)(8-13-2001)
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            • Wish that Jones had gotten involved with Petree. Team may have survived much longer.
              "Cheese is one of the four pillars of the world" - Eli Silverman


              • More
                Cingular Sponsorship moving? At least four teams are vying for a major sponsorship with Bell Atlantic/Cingular Wireless (Actually it is BellSouth not Bell Atlantic which is Verizon), according to NASCAR sources. The company currently sponsors Jason Leffler and car owner Chip Ganassi. Among the car owners expected to be talking with the company are Richard Childress and Bill Davis. Childress and Mike Skinner are assessing their situation, Childress says, but an announcement could still be a month away, according to Childress. Childress has made it official that Jeff Green will drive an AOL-sponsored car for him next season, ending months of debate(Winston Salem Journal)(7-16-2001)
                UPDATE: hearing the #33 Andy Petree Chevy driven by Joe Nemechek and currently with sponsorship by Oakwood Homes (who will leave at the end of 2001) will get the Cingular sponsorship in 2002. Cingular currently sponsors the #01 Dodge driven by Jason Leffler(8-8-2001)
                UPDATE 2: also hearing Cingular could end up on the #48 Hendrick Motorsports Chevy's that Jimmie Johnson will drive in 2002(8-9-2001)
                UPDATE 3: The battle for the Cingular Wireless sponsorship is down to Bill Davis vs. Richard Childress, according to sources close to the situation. That would leave Chip Ganassi and Andy Petree still searching for sponsors for next season(Winston Salem Journal)(8-11-2001)
                Hut and the #96? UPDATE: #90-Donlavey Racing plans to continue running next season but has not announced sponsorship or driver. Driver Hut Stricklin, team advisor Philippe Lopez and sponsor Hills Brothers are looking for a Charlotte team to work with. They could land with Cal Wells, whose second team ran its last race of the season last week(Richmond Times Dispatch)(10-5-2001)
                UPDATE: #32 Team Owner Cal Wells is trying to revive his second team [#96], with a possible Hills Brothers' sponsorship. Now at least he'll have a tour win to promote [#32-Craven's win]. Wells said, "The good thing about (a second team with) the Hills Brothers' deal with Hut (Stricklin) is he's got experience and he can do some testing. But Andy is a rookie and we couldn't benefit that much. My total focus is this, and hopefully getting back to running two cars. The only thing we've got cooking is that Hills Brothers deal. It does look like they're playing the field. I think they're still talking to Bill Davis and Andy Petree. I don't know if they'll pick us or not. I don't know if I'm competitive, price-point-wise. I try to be." Of course if it comes down to price alone - and the Sara Lee brand sponsorship is worth over $6 million - Petree would likely win, because he's vowed to beat any rival's price. "We were talking to Hills a couple of months ago about becoming an associate on the McDonald's car (with Houston), because they were thinking about doing some coffee business with McDonald's," Wells said. "Then at Dover I thought it was all dead, but someone walked into my trailer and said they wanted to talk about it again. I don't know if it will happen."(in part from a column about Wells at the Winston Salem Journal)(10-21-2001)
                Hedrick to Return? with Earnhardt? UPDATE full time BGN for DEI: hearing a rumor I have not been able to confirm - that Kerry Earnhardt, oldest son of the late Dale Earnahrdt, will supposedly be driving a BGN car for former #41 team owner Larry Hedrick. Supposedly the team will receive cars, engines, and all engineering help from DEI. The plan is to run BGN and move up to Cup. Not sure when or if the team will run it's first race(7-24-2001)
                UPDATE: two rumored sponsors are McDonald's and RealTree(Dale Sr's Assoc and the #71 Sponsor)(7-25-2001)
                UPDATE 2 ..more: Kerry Earnhardt, the eldest son of seven-time champion Dale Earnhardt, may be joining the BGN ranks full time next year. Racing under the DEI ownership banner, he could possibly have sponsorship from Wrangler Jeans and a known restaurant chain. Earnhardt has competed in two BGN races this year in the Michael Waltrip-owned-#99 Chevrolet. He has also competed in ARCA events, handily winning the June race at Michigan. His father competed with the blue and yellow Wrangler colors before donning the trademark black on the Goodwrench Service #3 Chevrolet.( Buzz)(8-11-2001)
                Some 'Wild' rumors UPDATE 2: The latest drivers changes in the wind could involve a shake-up at Hendrick Motorsports. John Andretti's name is being mentioned. Richard Childress still hasn't announced his new driver, adding to the confusion in the garage. There is even wild speculation that Childress might be able to wrangle Tony Stewart away from Joe Gibbs(Winston Salem Journal), a few Jayski notes - Andretti is signed with Petty Enterprises thru 2002, All Hendrick drivers are signed thru 2002 at least. Tony Stewart is signed with Joe Gibbs Racing thru 2004.(9-3-2001)
                UPDATE: Am hearing Jerry Nadeau may be out at the #25 car at the end of the 2001 season but UAW-GM is staying as a sponsor and that Wally Dallenbach supposedly is talking with Rick Hendrick about coming back to the #25 Chevy(9-3-2001)
                UPDATE 2: John Hendrick, president of Hendrick Motorsports, says the team is close to landing a sponsor for a fourth team, which will feature rookie Jimmie Johnson. He also dispelled rumors that Jerry Nadeau's job was in jeopardy, saying that team would stay intact(Winston Cup Scene - in part - need sub to read)(9-6-2001)
                Some more driver rumors: Mike Skinner to the #77 Jasper Engines Ford with current driver, Robert Pressley possibly headed to the #4 Morgan McClure Kodak Chevy. Skinner is also rumored to the #4 team and the #33 Andy Petree Racing team if a sponsor is found(9-18-2001)
                UPDATE: and also hearing Robert Pressley as a stong candidate to the #4 Kodak Chevy for 2002 as well as Skinner(9-23-2001)
                UPDATE: hearing (#92) crew chief Chad Knaus is considering offers to crew chief the #48 Jimmie Johnson driven/Hendrick Motorsports Lowe's Chevy and the #7 Casey Atwood driven/Ultra Motorsports-Evernham Motorsports Dodge for next season(11-23-2001)
                UPDATE 2: hearing Knaus will go to the #48 Hendrick Motorsports team(11-26-2001)
                UPDATE: ESPN2's RPM 2 Night reports that McDonald's could be the sponsor for Evernham's third possible team and Jermey Mayfield PLUS sources tell me that Mayfield should be in a third Evernham Dodge next season with a McDonald's sponsorship. Mayfield and Evernham have reached an agreement, and are putting the final paperwork together on it now.(10-5-2001)
                UPDATE 3: [Roger] Penske said he expects Childress to hire Mayfield. Childress and Mayfield have talked about doing a deal for the past two months, but Mayfield had been unable to get out of his contract with Penske. Childress said he won't announce his new driver until the November stop in Atlanta. Dodge's Ray Evernham is reported to be trying to sign him for next season too. And Ford officials are trying to find a place for Mayfield to land and stay within that camp, probably with some help from Robert Yates. Now comes word that Dale Earnhardt Inc. is also trying to hire Mayfield. DEI has also reportedly made overtures to Johnny Benson. The DEI moves come as Michael Waltrip's future with that operation appears increasingly shaky. The Evernham situation is intriguing. While Evernham said that no big changes are coming next season, that Bill Elliott and Casey Atwood will both be back, there are indications that over the season, Elliott's laid-back style of racing has been at odds with Evernham's high-intensity approach. According to one source, Elliott might be interested in opening a shop in Dawsonville and running next season as a "satellite" Evernham team. And there are still reports that McDonald's is trying to hook up again with Elliott as his sponsor.(Winston Salem Journal)(10-7-2001)

                Mayfield in the #31? #7? Evernham?: A source close to Richard Childress said Sunday night that Mayfield is the lead candidate to take over the #31 Chevy. The major issue, according to the source, is sponsor Cingular, who apparently requested that Robby Gordon drive the car. Mayfield has been rumored in virtually every car on the circuit, including one rumor that has him in a Ray Evernham Dodge. Interestingly, a source close to Jim Smith's Ultra Motorsports team said he was told Mayfield would be in the #7 with McDonald's as sponsor.( Buzz)(10-15-2001)

                More Mayfield UPDATE 4: Jeremy Mayfield expects to make his plans known within two weeks. Contrary to rumors that have been running wild, Mayfield has spent the past few weeks at his Mooresville home, according to a spokesman who has been in contact with Mayfield on a daily basis. A quick resolution of Mayfield’s status would logically indicate a deal that would put him in a Dodge for 2002, either a third Intrepid fielded by Ray Evernham or another car that would receive additional assistance from Evernham. Possible slots for Mayfield might include the #92 currently being driven by Stacy Compton or the #7, currently a Ford but expected to switch to Dodge in 2002.(Gaston Gazette)(10-20-2001)
                UPDATE: Jeremy Mayfield has not been in the garage since parting ways with the Roger Penske-owned team at the end of September but is quietly working on a deal. Mayfield should have an announcement in the next couple of weeks. He's expected to sign with the Jim Smith-owned team and the group transfer to Dodges, with Ray Evernham offering guidance to the program.(Richmond Times Dispatch) AND #7 team owner, Jimmy Smith, still is searching for a sponsor to continue his Winston Cup operation, which is expected to race Dodges in the future.(Sporting News)(10-22-2001)
                Subway to the #77 in 2002?: hearing Subway (sandwich shops) will be the primary sponsor of the #77 Jasper Motorsports Ford and driver Robert Pressley in 2002(8-21-2001)
                UPDATE: hearing Subway could be announced as the primary sponsor of the #77 for 2002 within the next few weeks, of course, the driver will be Dave Blaney in 2002(10-18-2001)
                UPDATE 2: hearing Subway could be the 2002 sponsor of the #33 APR Chevy. Anyhow, looks like Subway will sponsor a car in 2002 but most sources say it'll be with the #77 NOT the #33(10-18-2001)
                UPDATE 3: and also hearing that Hills Bros Coffee (currently on the #90), could end up on the #77, without Hut Stricklin as the driver. But still continue to hear the best bet is Subway as the sponsor of the #77 with Jasper Engines(10-19-2001)
                Cup vs MNF? There's already talk that NBC might ask NASCAR for at least one Monday night race in 2003 to go head-to-head on TV with Monday Night Football(Daily Press)(7-24-2001)
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                • A Cup race on a Monday night? In 2003? What were they thinking? [/sarcasm]


                  • 2002-03
                    Hendrick looking at Hornish? UPDATE: Sam Hornish Jr., who captured his second consecutive Indy Racing League championship Sunday, is on the short list of drivers being considered for Hendrick Motorsports' #25 Chevy in the Winston Cup series next season, has learned. Hornish, 23, who had been touted in recent months as a possible driver for Dale Earnhardt Inc. because of sponsorship ties, is a "serious candidate" for the #25 ride, sources confirmed Sunday. Among the other drivers being considered are the team's current driver, Joe Nemechek, BGN drivers Scott Riggs and Ron Hornaday. Hornish now drives for Panther Racing in the IRL with sponsor Pnnzoil, which also sponsors the Cup team of DEI's Steve Park. Hendrick team officials on Sunday would say only that no decision had been made about a driver for the #25 in the 2003 season. Hornish won the 2001 IRL title in his first year in the series and finished with three wins and led the most laps in six of 13 races. He had five wins, including Sunday's at Texas, this season.(
                    AND more Here's more on Sam Hornish Jr.'s future from Sunday's IRL post-race celebration on ABC: Jack Arute: "Tell me what you and Dale Earnhardt Jr. talked about a couple of weeks ago." Sam Hornish Jr.: "I had a talk about deciding what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. You have your choice, he said, 'You've got make up your mind whether you want to be a stock car driver for the rest of your life or an Indy car driver.' I still got to win that Indianapolis 500, and it's becoming more apparent all the time what I need to be doing."(MotorsportsTV)(9-16-2002)
                    UPDATE: after Sam Hornish Jr. win and championship clinching run at Texas, Hornish was linked to another NASCAR rumor involving Rick Hendrick, car owner of four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon and super rookie Jimmie Johnson. The fact is, Hornish said, that he is signed with Pennzoil Panther Racing through 2003. And Hornish is working on an extension through the 2005 IRL season that will bring the driver in line with sponsor Pennzoil and engine supplier Chevrolet. "I don't know where all this stuff keeps coming from," said Hornish, specifically addressing the Hendrick rumor Wednesday. "There's been plenty of people I've talked to about next year. But I haven't been offered anything by Hendrick Motorsports."(Fort Worth Star Telegram)(9-20-2002)

                    Nemechek not in the #25 after 2002 UPDATE: FSN's Totally NASCAR reports that Joe Nemechek will not be back in the #25 Hendrick Motorsports Chevy in 2003.(7-24-2002)
                    UPDATE: If Nemechek can turn his luck around, there's no reason why he wouldn't be on the short list, still the rumor mill is spinning with names like Steve Park and Bobby Labonte [for the #25 Hendrick Motorsports ride]. But it's too early to speculate.(Sporting News), looks like if things get better for Nemechek is a candidate for the #25 ride in 2003, but unlikely. Sources tell me Park either stays with the #1 DEI car or goes to Bill Davis. Do not see Labonte leaving Joe Gibbs Racing, plus his contract is thru 2004.(8-1-2002)
                    Sadler out of the #21? UPDATEs $11 million sponsor?: ESPN2's RPM 2 Night reports that Elliott Sadler has asked for his release from the #21 Wood Brothers team. Sadler supposedly is looking at an opportunity with Dale Earnhardt Inc (#15? - no idea). The Wood Brothers have not granted his release yet.(4-30-2002)
                    UPDATE: Word around some shops [and from ESPN] is that Elliott Sadler has asked for a release from his contract from the #21 Motorcraft Wood Brothers Ford. Sadler has supposedly been approached by several teams and wants out of the contract he has had with the team since 1999 to explore those options. One of the teams rumored to be interested in Sadler is Dale Earnhardt Inc., the home of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Steve Park and Michael Waltrip. Kenny Wallace, who filled in for the Park after his Darlington injuries last September, is still under contract to DEI as well.( Buzz)(5-1-2002)
                    UPDATE: Thursday's ESPN2's RPM 2 Night reported that Sadler has sponsor's worth $11 million to bring to a team and has talked to DEI about taking the sponsor there.(5-3-2002)
                    UPDATE 5: Elliott Sadler, according to several sources, has come up with an $11 million sponsorship with the World Wrestling Federation (actually the WWE not WWF) and is shopping that deal around. Two weeks ago DEI's Ty Norris, who is in renegotiation talks with sponsor NAPA and Pennzoil (now owned by Shell), confirmed talking with Sadler. Now word from Ford Motor Company sources is that Ford officials are trying to keep Sadler in their camp by trying to put together a new Ford ride for him. One of the Ford options being raised is a ride with Robert Yates, even though neither of Yates' two current drivers, Dale Jarrett and Ricky Rudd, has expressed any interest in moving on. According to one source, Sadler has not been satisfied with the horsepower he's been getting from Roush Racing.(Winston Salem Journal)(5-18-2002)

                    #21 close to a new 2003 driver soon? UPDATE 2: The Wood Brothers appear to be closing in on a driver they want for the #21 Ford in 2003, according to team sources, and a decision could come soon. One rumor has them looking at Bobby Hamilton, driver of the #55 Andy Petree Chevy.(Winston Salem Journal)(6-15-2002)
                    UPDATE: Owner Len Wood says the team has a short list of candidates to fill the seat in the No. 21 Ford next season, and Bobby Hamilton is among them. "We talked to the head guys at Motorcraft (the team's sponsor) to get their opinion on what we should do," Wood says. "Could be a week, could be six weeks, but we know who we want." Hamilton, who owns three Dodge teams in the Craftsman Truck Series, would prefer to drive an Intrepid in Winston Cup, but says he is listening to all offers.(Sporting News)(6-17-2002)
                    UPDATE 2: reports that Winston Cup drivers Bobby Hamilton [#55], Mike Wallace [#33 part time], Johnny Benson [#10] and Jerry Nadeau [looking] are on the Wood Brothers list of drivers for 2003, as well as a handful of unnamed Busch Series drivers [Jason Keller has been one rumor]. "This deal changes every day, and who knows, by nightfall tonight this whole list could be drastically changed," Eddie Wood said. "As of today, though, we're down to three or four drivers we're looking at. Some we've talked to, some we haven't. We haven't met with everybody yet, but it's pretty much down to four."(

                    Compton to the Wood Brothers? Wood to the BGN? hearing that Stacy Compton, current driver of the #14 Conseco Pontiac, has had lengthy discussions with the Wood Brothers to drive the #21 Motorcraft Ford next season. It could be a deal that would include the #59 BGN car to change to Fords from Chevy's and have a two-car BGN team with Jon Wood in the second car with Roush engines. Compton has recently signed to stay with the #59 ST Motorsports BGN team for 2003.(7-17-2002)
                    Schrader to Petty? If M&Ms is indeed moving to Robert Yates' team, then Kenny Schrader could be moving on also. He is tentatively being penciled in for a ride at Petty Enterprises, according to sources close to the situation.(Winston Salem Journal)(7-10-2002)

                    Petty Has a 2003 Sponsor? Sprint will not return with Kyle Petty next year, but Petty says the team has sponsorship for the #45, and will definitely return with three cars. Petty says he also expects #43 driver John Andretti to re-sign for next year.(Autoweek) Some rumored sponsors include Gateway Computers and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.(7-21-2002)
                    More on Wells and Pontiac and 2nd team: Pontiac is luring Cal Wells from Ford. Wells, whose driver is Ricky Craven [#32], is getting help from Pontiac in finding sponsorship for a second team. If Wells is able to start a second team at PPI Motorsports, IndyCar driver Max Papis could wind up being the driver.(Augusta Chronicle)(4th of July 2002)
                    Hamilton to BAM? hearing Bobby Hamilton could end up in the #49 BAM Racing Dodge in 2003, other rumors have Hamilton in the #41 Target Dodge and if John Andretti goes to the #41 (but is supposedly close to re-signing with the #43) Hamilton coiuld end up in the #43 Dodge.(11-13-2002)


                    • 2002-03 (part 2)
                      Petree and the Cowboys: NASCAR team owner Andy Petree says he and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are "a week or so away" from formally announcing their new Winston Cup partnership. "We're trying to get all the details worked out of our deal," Petree said in the garage area of the Daytona International Speedway before Saturday night's Pepsi 400. "We're close to making an announcement. But I'd rather save that and make some impact, if and when we do." Petree did say that contrary to reports in various media, he has not decided to field Fords beginning in 2003. And Petree said the team definitely will not move from Hendersonville, N.C., to the sport's hub of Charlotte/Concord, NC. "I know it's taken a lot longer for us to get this thing done than I'd like," said Petree, who has been negotiating with Jones since February. "The fact is, we don't have anything that we can formally announce at this second. It's going to be soon. We're still a week or so away." Petree speculated, however, that the announcement could be made as late as the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the weekend of Aug. 2-4, to maximize national exposure. Petree, whose team has struggled to secure sponsorship to run a full-time two-car operation this season, competed in the Pepsi 400 with the #55 Schneider Electric Chevy driven by Bobby Hamilton and the #33 1-800-CALL-ATT Chevy driven by Mike Wallace. A Chevrolet loyalist, Petree said he "got into trouble" with GM Racing executives following a published report last month that he was going to join the Ford Taurus camp next year. "I do have a good relationship with GM," said Petree, who is the "A" part of the RAD program that also includes Cup team owner Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt Inc. The three Chevy teams have shared a variety of aerodynamic information while developing the Monte Carlo, especially for carburetor restrictor-plate tracks like the high-banked, 2.5-mile DIS. "If this thing does turn out not to be with GM, I'd rather be the one to kind of tell 'em," Petree said. "And that's a big 'if.' If it's going to be a Ford team, we'll tell you. Right now, we don't know. And there's no doubt we are considering if it's going to be a Ford team or not." Petree, 43, was adamant that the team would not relocate from its current base. "We're in Hendersonville," said Petree, who won his first two races as a car owner last year with Hamilton and Joe Nemechek. "I've heard those rumors all over the place. I don't know what they are or where they came from." Petree said he would prefer to run a two-car operation full-time next year, but that "some details" needed to be worked out. A Cup car owner since 1997, Petree was crew chief for seven-time series champion Dale Earnhardt's
                      Cup-winning seasons at Richard Childress Racing in 1993 and 1994. As a crew chief, Petree has earned 25 Cup victories and 10 pole positions. Earlier this week here, veteran driver Ricky Rudd confirmed that he had met with Jones and Petree in Dallas shortly after winning the Dodge/Save Mart 350 at Sonoma, Calif., on June 23. "That's OK if Ricky said that," Petree said of the meeting. "I didn't say that." Rudd said he was impressed with the plan the new partners mapped out for him. Rudd, 45, has set a self-imposed deadline of July 15 to make a decision on his racing future.(Fort Worth Star Telegram)(7-7-2002)

                      More Rudd and Jones: Ricky Rudd met this week with car owner Andy Petree to discuss a possible ride next year with Petree and Jerry Jones in Fords, according to team sources.(Winston Salem Journal)(7-10-2002)
                      Rudd....and Petree and Ganassi and Yates.....UPDATE 2 Rudd, Havoline and #28 to Ganassi?: #28-Ricky Rudd is under pressure to make a decision about next season, from car owners Chip Ganassi and Andy Petree, his top two prospects. Petree, in turn, is under pressure from Rudd's current boss, Robert Yates, to sign both Rudd and Chevron's Texaco Havoline brand as sponsor. Petree yesterday said he was still waiting to hear from Rudd. If Petree doesn't take Yates' offer, then Yates will have to field three teams next season, a prospect the veteran car owner doesn't relish. However, there are indications that a shakeup may be under way within Yates' shop. Rudd and his longtime crew chief, Michael McSwain, have been at odds much of the season, and Yates says that McSwain will be taking over the new Elliott Sadler/M&M Mars team next season, probably to be run under the logo of Doug Yates Racing. Doug Yates is Robert Yates' son. But what will happen to Rudd's current crew? Will it go with McSwain or stay with Rudd if Rudd stays with Yates? There are signs that a number of crewmen may be siding with Rudd. And there is also the possibility that Doug Yates and McSwain may be moving soon to start organizing their new team. Yates would like to persuade Petree to sign up for a leased-engine program, which would cost about $3 million to $3.5 million a year. And...Ganassi is also trying to woo Chevron-Texaco for his proposed deal with Rudd.(Winston Salem Journal)(7-26-2002)
                      UPDATE: In the next few weeks, reports say that Chip Ganassi Racing will announce a third team for the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. The driver will be Ricky Rudd and the sponsor will be Texaco/Havoline coming over in a complete package from Robert Yates Racing. No word on whether the team members will follow, or not. The #28 itself, though owned by RYR, has become greatly associated with Havoline and they have invested millions in building brand awareness with the racing public. It's believed Havoline would like the number to be a part of the deal if Rudd goes to Ganassi with their sponsorship.( Buzz)
                      UPDATE 2: The Ricky Rudd sweepstakes appear to be over, and Chip Ganassi seems to be the winner. The official announcement could come next week at Indianapolis that Rudd will be in a Ganassi Dodge with Chevron-Texaco's Havoline brand as sponsor. But Rudd and Ganassi were noncommittal yesterday when pressed on the issue. One major question: Would the Ganassi-Rudd team be the team that Jimmy Spencer currently drives for, or would Rudd drive for a new third Ganassi team? Spencer says he expects a third team, though he says he doesn't know the driver. However, Ganassi, when asked if he will expand to a third team, replied "No plans right now." The Rudd-Ganassi deal has been pushed by car owner Robert Yates, according to sources close to the situation, in bargaining between Yates and Ganassi. Rudd said. "I think everything will settle itself by next week, so I'm not going to say a whole lot right now." Has Rudd in fact made his decision? "Well, I think I pretty much know," Rudd replied. In fact, the Ganassi-Rudd contract is in the lawyer's hands, according to team sources. Will Spencer be back for a second season with Ganassi? "I don't see why not," Ganassi said, not resolving the third-team question. "I didn't ask him, so I don't know, but I expect to come back," Spencer said. "Maybe there is something up that I really don't know about. "I know he wants to start a third team. And I know our facility can handle it. Our employees can. We've got good people in our organization. Spencer said he has a three-year contract with Ganassi. But Ganassi would not answer questions about that contract. "I don't talk about my contracts," Ganassi said.(Winston Salem Journal)(7-27-2002)
                      Jimmy Spencer out of the #41? UPDATE 4 at end of season; Hamilton? Mears?: hearing rumors that Jimmy Spencer will not return to the #41 Target Dodge/Ganassi Racing team, not sure if it is immediate or at the end of the season or at all. If released, the only rumored driver I have heard is Jimmy Vasser of CART but could be an opening for Bobby Hamilton to get in that Dodge program.(11-5-2002)
                      UPDATE: Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates announced today that Jimmy Spencer, driver of the #41 Target Dodge, will be released from his contract at the end of the 2002 season. Spencer will continue his driving duties for the team for the remainder of the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup season. "When we first made this deal, Jimmy and I agreed about what would happen if the results were not what either of us were happy with," owner Chip Ganassi said. "Obviously, both of us are not happy with the results. I feel bad we weren't able to get the most out of our relationship, but I'm sure I'll remain friends with Jimmy. We all know he's a colorful character that no one can help but enjoy being around. No one can deny Jimmy has a lot of energy and excitement about him." Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates has not announced a driver for the #41 entry for the 2003 Winston Cup season.(Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates PR)(11-5-2002)
                      UPDATE 2: The driver rumored to replace Spencer in 2003 is Bobby Hamilton. Other rumors indicate that longtime Travis Carter crew chief, Donnie Wingo, would join the Ganassi’s three-car stable to wrench Jamie McMurray’s Dodge in 2003.(Ford Racing)(11-6-2002)
                      UPDATE 3: during an interview with Fox Sports Net's Totally NASCAR, Jimmy Spencer said he was shocked by the being released from the #41 ride and it was not a mutual decision.(11-8-2002)
                      UPDATE 4: Casey Mears was mentioned as another driver in the rumor mill with the #41 car.(SC's Happy Hour Coverage)(11-9-2002)
                      UPDATE 5: also add Scott Riggs of the BGN, Scott Pruett and CART driver Max Papis to the mix of rumored drivers.(11-10-2002)

                      More Blaney: Chip Ganassi wanted Dave Blaney to replace Jimmy Spencer in the #41 Dodge next year, but Blaney said Sunday he's committed to returning to Jasper Motorsports and the #77 Ford. With Blaney off the market, Busch Series driver Hank Parker Jr. now is the leading candidate at Ganassi.(Augusta Chroncile)(11-18-2002)

                      Hamilton in the #41? UPDATE 2, no Hamilton, Parker or Bodine either: .....have heard that Chip Ganassi hired Jimmy Elledge to be the crew chief for the 41 car, which is the car that Jimmy Spencer drove, and Ganassi is attempting to sell to Target that they need to put a veteran, Bobby Hamilton, in that car. Elledge/Hamilton is the package that went together at the 55 car.(FoxSports)
                      UPDATE: However sources tell me that Hamilton will NOT be the new #41 driver.(11-26-2002)
                      UPDATE 2: also hearing that Hank Parker Jr and Todd Bodine are out of the running for the ride.(11-27-2002)
                      Park to Davis? UPDATE: Bill Davis confirmed last week that Hut Stricklin won't return to the #23 Dodge next year. (Neither will Hills Brothers Coffee, by the way). On Sunday, the long-time team owner said Steve Park will replace Stricklin in the stable that also includes Ward Burton.(Daily Press)
                      UPDATE 2: also hearing that both Park and Kenny Wallace could be coming aboard, making it a three car team and keeping Scott Wimmer in the Busch Series for another year.(8-1-2002)


                      • These are fun to read... thanks for sharing. I'll go dig up some myself in a little.


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                          A Cup race on a Monday night? In 2003? What were they thinking? [/sarcasm]
                          I would absolutely love to see a couple weeknight races (one being Daytona in July whenever the 4th is), and maybe a track like Las Vegas on Monday Night replacing Charlotte in the Chase.


                          • Anyone else remember the Hendrick to Toyota, Penske to Chevy, EGR to Ford rumors?
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                            • So I'm watching the 1995 CWTS Maxx Race Cards 200 at Portland Speedway (the old oval), and they mentioned Hornaday's newly signed deal with Papa John's Pizza. Initially mostly unsponsored for the 1st 2 races (Action picked up a little slack), Papa John's came aboard for a 2 year deal. But, as most truck fans would know, NAPA took over for the 1996 season and would be one of most recognizable trucks in the late '90's.
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                              • Originally posted by TimLockwood52 View Post
                                Anyone else remember the Hendrick to Toyota, Penske to Chevy, EGR to Ford rumors?
                                I wish Penske would have switched to Chevrolet in 2013 since they run Chevy engines in IndyCar.
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