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RuRa is alive for another year.

Thanks to those below for their donations. Next years hosting bill is paid. RuRa is going to have it's 20th birthday!

Google Adsense is no longer viable to pay our web hosting bill. For about a year the earning of advertising has been cut by more than half while the traffic and page views has barely changed. This being said our next web hosing bill is due August 9th. We will need nearly $500 to keep the site alive for another year. We are running close to needing to upgrade our space again, at that time we will be looking at an additional $10 a month for additional space. I don't expect we will need this for another 6 months or so.

I welcome anyone that wishes to keep the forum alive in it's current form to donate to the forum. My Paypal is .

$160 ~ VADER
$100 ~ nascarartist20
$100 ~ Slumerican
$50 ~ Tyler97
$25 ~ burtonbraves
$25 ~ Stevie Richards
$20 ~ IFRT-c_crisp26
$20 ~ Jetsplaya97
$20 ~ binkerbo
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2017 PTRW Rules

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  • 2017 PTRW Rules

    PTRW Rules

    1. You may pick only one driver per weekend
    2. You can only pick a driver two weeks in a row IF your driver won the previous week
    3. If you make 2 picks (even accidentally) and do not resolve it by race time I will take the first pick you made. This rule cannot be used if you pick the same driver two weeks in a row. It is intended for when you forget you made an initial pick and pick again.
    4. No other chatting in the pick thread, we have a separate thread for that. Failure to follow this rule will result in the forfeiture of your pick.
    5. If you pick a driver, and said driver does not make the race, you do not receive any points
    6. Picks can be PM'd me to me. I ask that you post in the thread 'PM' to help remind me of this.
    7. Picks made after the start of the race will be subject to a 200 point penalty

    Points are as follows:

    Click image for larger version

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    Picks must be in by green flag on race day

    We will once again have a Chase after the 26th race of the season.

    Chase Rules

    * Top 25 in points are in
    * All points are reset to 4500 for the Top 25
    * 10 Bonus points are added to the 4500 for every win during the regular season
    * The regular season champion will receive an extra 50 points
    * If there is a tie for the 25th spot, it will be broken via head to head on wins, then Top 5s, then Top 10s, then avg points

    Standings should be posted by Wednesday at the latest.
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