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Is it time to scale back the site?

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    Same here Speed. Very happy to see them back.


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      So happy to see RuRa back live


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        Is there a way to extract or download the entirety of the paint scheme forums, images and all?

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          Originally posted by Phathead View Post
          Is there a way to extract or download the entirety of the paint scheme forums, images and all?
          I know a few of us have been backing up some bits here and there.

          On my end, I've been trying to "backup" (downloading the images itself) whatever I can in my free time, as I started back in the summer given how uncertainty things were

          so far on my end I've gotten backed up:
          ARCA - 1980 to 1988
          Australian Supercars - up to 2017
          FIA Formula 1 - entire section (around 3 to 5 seasons missing due to crashes)
          IndyCar : 1979 to 2005 (USAC, CART & IRL), 2006 - 2008 (Champ Car only), 2010 - (2006 to 2009 & 2011 is basically missing on the IRL / IndyCar side)
          NASCAR Cup - 1948 to 1970
          NASCAR XFINITY - 1982 to 1983
          NASCAR Trucks - 1994 to 1995
          NHRA - entire section
          Paint Schemes that Never Were - entire section

          Only the images of course, but I got them sorted into a folder by series & year, along with other finds
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            Glad to have it back. This has always been one of my favorite places to get news on the sport and see the seasons paints coming up across the series and past ones too.
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              Very happy to see this place running again. Always found it the best place to get all the latest news and paint schemes.
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                If you are looking to scale back I recommend dropping the gaming section all together. It has the least amount of activity.