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DRM Revival Mod 1.1 – Released

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  • DRM Revival Mod 1.1 – Released

    DRM Revival Mod 1.1 – Released
    BMW M1
    - Tire wear increases minimal
    - Tire temperature increases minimal
    - Tire grip front lowered minimal
    - Maximum rpm set to 9150 rpm (-50 rpm) reduced
    - Power from 10HP at 8250 rpm reduced
    - Motor decreases 8750 rpm damage (old 8850 rpm)
    - Slipping the clutch increases without throttle lift
    - Reduce the percentage reduction engine durability
    Porsche 935
    - Reduced wear minimal on the front
    - Increased wear minimal on the rear
    - Tire grip increases on the fronts
    - Reduced temperature front wheel
    - Wear nlowered minimal
    - Grip on the rear increases ( Latitude to Longitude )
    - Increased Power from 3.500-7.500 rpm
    - Fuel consumption reduced minimal
    - Motor decreases 8.970 rpm damage (old 8.950 rpm)
    - Reduces slipping of the clutch
    - Suspension harder
    - Added more gear ratio
    WARNING:! Old setups can be used, but must be adapted to the needs of gear/suspension again
    BMW 320
    - Cooling capacity increases
    - Fuel consumption reduced minimal
    Other fixed errors
    - Correction of the rear lights
    - Wheel in the cockpit view “transparent” and less gray reflective.
    - Fixed error when M1 taillight
    - Fixed reflection shadow at night
    - Reduced memory requirements of the textures.
    - Fixed sound bug from the BMW 320
    The mod includes five different car models, ranging from the popular Porsche 935, the BMW 320, the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo to the Ford Capri and BMW’s legendary M1.
    Every car model comes with unique physics and tire & suspension data, the physics are compatible to both RealFeel and LeoFFB. The cars feature plenty of historic liveries and richly-detailed cockpits & matching sounds.
    In its heydey, the German Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft was one of the most popular national racing series that ever existed, featuring spectacular & powerful cars and legendary drivers like Hans Stuck, Klaus Ludwig, Hans Heyer, Rolf Stommelen & Bob Wollek.
    "Ideals are peaceful. History is violent."