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New car viewer.

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  • New car viewer.

    A year or so ago My Newer comp Went down & I gave up painting for a looong while. Welp I've gotten my comp back up & gotten the new car viewer. As I'm sure you're all aware the instructions that come along with it are REAL vague. Can some one help me with a few things on it?
    Things like:
    Does it display cars also or just trucks?
    How do I put vehicles into it to display?
    Do the files have to be .png or can I use .jpg files too?
    Do the vehicle files have to be in a certain folder?
    What tmplts do I use? Are there new ones or do I just use the older ones? If there are new tmplts where do I get them & where do I put them?
    You know just the basic stuff like that.
    Rabbit Racing inc.

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    Replied over at the ASR forums mate
    Austeam Racing Administrator.


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      Thanx my man.
      Rabbit Racing inc.


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        I know this is a little older, but what is the link to the car viewer..


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          "I don't want to become famous because I had a big wreck..." - Michael McDowell.


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            How do you get the car to rotate in the viewer?


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              Mouse Wheel = Zoom In & Out
              Push Mouse Wheel to position Model
              Hold Left-Ctrl & Push Mouse Wheel to Pivot Model
              Hold Left-Alt and Push Mouse Wheel to turn side to side
              Hold Left-Alt + Left Ctrl & Push Mouse Wheel to Scale Fast

              Originally posted by Fred Anderson
              here is the first test of the customizable camera controls
              I need to do a few things, then I will post some instructions. If you are crazy, stupid or brave, just go ahead and start playing around.
              Originally posted by Fred Anderson
              Here are some details for the Camera Control Test
              There are 4 camera movements we are going to focus on.
              Rotate, Roll, Pan and Zoom. For each of these we will have a single button option and a combination button option.
              The reason for this is some people keep one hand on the bottom left side of the keyboard and the other on the mouse, utilizing a common mouse button and pressing a corresponding key for the various control options. Other people prefer to use a separate mouse button for each type of control. In an attempt to satisfy all people I am adding the options to customize the controls. The default setup is:
              Camera Rotate:
              Combo: Middle Mouse + Left Alt
              Single Mouse: Right Mouse
              Camera Pan:
              Combo: Middle Mouse + Left Shift
              Single Mouse: Left Mouse
              Camera Roll:
              Combo: Middle Mouse + Left Ctl
              Single Mouse: Middle Mouse (This may be messed up, if soo change it to something like Space Bar)
              Combo: Middle Mouse + Left Ctl + Left Alt
              Single Mouse: Mouse Wheel

              OK, so fire up the app, you will be presented with the following screen, if you want to customize the inputs click on the input tab:

              You will see the list of choices:

              Double Click on a control, then select your key or mouse button of choice.

              If you have any ideas, for how to name these items or any changes you would like to see, please let us know.
              Thanks, Fred
              "I don't want to become famous because I had a big wreck..." - Michael McDowell.