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    There were several bans this morning and they will continue if the current trends and behavior continue. If you do not like this website then leave now. If you don't like our site or our members we are sure there is a sim site somewhere that you can find more to your liking.

    We have opened this forum up for you guys to field your questions to Sim Factory regarding their upcoming Sim. We have not been paid by Sim Factory for providing this service for you (the sim racing community) or them (the sim developer) nor have we ask them for payment. No one that visits this site has paid us for providing a place for them to inquire about this sim as well. We have done this because we ourselves enjoy this hobby, and have high expectations for what these guys are trying to accomplish. This site is our hobby, but babysitting some of you with your whining and constant moaning is spoiling the fun we have with this hobby. Only 2 of our 30 members are even a part of the beta testing of this sim, and one of them was a tester long before we opened this forum. The other after Zippy put out an open invitation to the entire community for testers.

    We feel they have made a good effort to inform the community about their product and what we can expect. Not all of their news has been what we want to here. The date have slid from their expectations, some feature they have said will be added after the release date, and the updates will be ongoing for this sim for some time to come. That is not to say their sim will not meet our expectations or be the best thing out there (the N2003 substitute) that we have been waiting for. Time will tell. All the members of this site intend to give honest opinion and input regarding our diverse knowledge and experience and how we each see this product.

    We have let Sim Factory maintain this forum as they see fit, and the only time an admin of this site stepped in and edited or deleted any threads is if it was against the rules our forum already has in place. Note only 4 admins of Rubbin's Racin' can even moderate this forum and only once to my knowledge has an admin of this site edited or removed a post.

    However, given the deteriorating condition of this forum we will not tolerate any additional bashing of our forum, our moderators, or the group developing this sim. Please read our "Romper Room" thread and our "Few Simple Rules" as they will apply to this forum as well. Sim Factory has been allowing the constant bashing of themselves and although I admire them for taking it on the chin by a certain group of individuals with one purpose (whining), it will not continue on our forum. Keep the threads in this forum constructive. Criticisms are welcomed and the only way for us "the sim community" to get our input into the minds of the development crew. I and other RuRa members have posted our own dismay at the release date moving, but there is no reason to hammer it or constantly bash Sim Factory for the dates slipping. Realize that only 28 of the 30 members of this site are sitting here with the same info and anticipation as you. Some of us have similar doubt and concerns as you, but we will not tolerate this kind of childish nonsense any longer on our forum. This is not what we are about, and we will rid our forum of the childishness.

    Keep the post productive. If you want to bitch and moan constantly it will not be acceptable on our forum. Send PM's about this garbage because it is not adding to the information that we already have and is turning this forum into romper room. Let your parent babysit you, adn parents if your children visit this site, babysit them yourselves. Cry on somebody else shoulder. Whine where we can't hear you. The childishness stops now. Constructive criticism will be fine by the members of Rubbin's Racin' and I am sure Sim Factory will appreciate it also. Constant bickering, moaning, whining and crying should be taken elsewhere. We are not Romper Room or your home to throw your tantrums. Some of you need to grow up! Just because you want to have a whiny little tantrum does not mean the rest of us need to put up with it. It is up to your parents to spoil you asses and cater to your every whim, not Rubbin's Racin'.

    Again, we appreciate Sim Factory for giving us and our visitors the information they have over the last couple months. We appreciate the access they have given us and our visitors to the beta testers and there design team. We hope they will continue to be forth coming to us and our visitors with information and answers to our questions. We hope everyone here appreciates the fact that we have opened our forums for your use in asking questions and to The Sim Factory for making their information available. Lets keep things constructive.

    Here is to hoping The Sim Factory give use the best sim to date. I'm sure we all have high hopes for this one.
    Stupidity was meant to be painful!

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    I just registered to Rubbins-Racin' but I have been reading the forums for quite some time now. I was pointed to ARCA Sim Racing because the fact of glowing rotors due to high brake tempartures, I was wondering if it could be done for NR2003 and was told it could be doesnt look right, but they gave me a link to this forum and I read that this sim will do that.

    I race Legends Cars and am the 2006 Road Racing Young Lion World Champion (drivers 16 and under) 4th place Semi-Pro RR World points position, and Semi-Pro NASA State Champion. I have been around racing all my life and been around sim racing for quite along time.

    Enough about how I found this and enough about myself. I think that this thread should be pinned to the top! I mean geez lay off the guys. All of you people out there bashing and nay saying I would love to see what kind of game you can develop? I know I cant do anything about developing a game all I can do is put in my two cents about things that I think should be taking into consideration and what not. And Im not trying to kiss here or score brownie points or whatever they call that, I am just simply argeeing with S_Gibson.

    Thank You The Sim Factory for all your guys hard work into what sounds like a bad sim