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Pontiacfan46's Website Is Dead...

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  • Pontiacfan46's Website Is Dead...

    Damn, it's been a long time since i've been here. I think we might have a sad moment for the old school Papy fans- I just noticed pontiacfan46's website has gone down since I've last checked it. Is anyone backing up the guy's files?

    Honestly, if you happen to have em, be sure to either upload em somewhere that'll keep em up online again for a little longer. Only unless if the page is forever gone. The internet wayback machine has the bare bones of what's left of the site left, no files, some images are missing, the usual wayback machine syndrome alot of "archived" pages suffer from.
    It's gone?
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    It has been down for two years now.

    Jerry left instructions before leaving. You can find most of his files at and there only. You will need to register.
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