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Looking to upgrade, PS4 vs XBoxOne

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    Originally posted by Cole Trickle View Post
    I'm also deciding which one to buy and for me, an issue I've always had with PlayStation is reliability. My first PS1 lasted less than two years, my second PS1 lasted three. My PS2 lasted just less than three and my PS3 lasted barely two years.
    My original PS still works, my PS2 fat 'Silver Edition' still works and my PS3 SS 500gb is still working.
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      Yeah i had a ps1 but sold it (stupidly) back in 03-04. Worked the whole time i had it. My PS2, 3 and 4 all still work great. Ive had the Ps2 since 2002 and the Ps3 since 2013. My ps4 is only one year old.


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        Originally posted by Cole Trickle View Post
        I'm also deciding which one to buy and for me, an issue I've always had with PlayStation is reliability. My first PS1 lasted less than two years, my second PS1 lasted three. My PS2 lasted just less than three and my PS3 lasted barely two years.

        On the other hand, my 10-year-old Xbox still works (if I could find the damn power cord!) and my six-year-old Xbox 360 also still works. I've heard on the Xbox One that if your console messes up in any way, you lose all your games and have to buy them again. Is this true?

        My preference really comes down to which is less likely to break within a couple years.
        Yes you would lose them all but you don't have to buy them again. You'd just have to re-download them. They're connected to your profile, your gamertag, so unless you gave the games outright to someone else, which you can do by transferring the rights, you won't lose any games.


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          I dont own either, from a pure hardware standpoint the PS4 is superior in every way. Better memory, faster chip, overall better native resolution and display.

          Gaming wise PSNet is still way behind XBLive for online community.

          For game selection obviously you have the multi platform titles, but for console exclusive titles it's PS 4 for me personally. I dont give a hoot about Halo or Gears of War. Fable, eh on PC. Tomb Raider will be on everything in a year from release, trying to think what Xbox has that is only theirs. I am sure I am missing it because I have been on PC now for so long but I cant think of any.

          PS4 however has Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War, Infamous, and tons more that are PS4 only for life. So for me those games have such good stories I go toward the PS4 on game selection.

          The new games coming to PS4 will be the only reason I buy a console. Because the consoles cant touch my PC gaming experience.


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            The consensus I've heard it this, if you want single-player gaming go PS4, if you like to play online games go Xbox One, if you are an 8yr or 80yr old buy a WiiU and if you are a member of the glorious master race just build a PC. Your results may vary.
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              If you want to get into gaming and be able to play as many AAA titles as possible, get a PC and a Wii U. Unless you're faithful to any Playstation or XBox franchises, a PC will do everything they do better, and will get the majority of the big titles. Exclusives wise, the Wii U has the most, and if you're into local multiplayer, it's the way to go
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                thanks for the opinions. I think I'm going to settle on a PS4 due to it has better specs, and I don't have to install every game i want to play. I plan on upgrading my PC this year as well, and out of Xbox's exclusives Fable is the only one that interests me, but considering the last couple installments have been crap, I'll pass. Not to mention they now have the Uncharted Bundle with PS4, which I've always wanted to try.


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                  If you ever want to race get an xbox, ps4 has nothing that rivals the Forza titles.

                  I own both ps4 & xbox one, I like the xbox better. I purchased the ps4 first because of specs and overall I (thought I) liked the playstation better, MLB the Show being a Sony exclusive was also a big sway.

                  I then purchased a xbox one and liked most everything about it more than the ps4. Controller build quality and how it feels in your hand. I prefer the xbox menu screens and navigation to the ps4's. I learned that specs in consoles is a very silly reason to make a decision. All games are optimized to work on either console, specs don't play much of a role. In fact, I have longer loading times on the ps4 than the xbox. Part of that is because you install the games on the xbox which cuts the load times down significantly.

                  I wish I had just purchased the xbox first, ps4 is collecting dust. Haven't purchased the latest MLB the Show. I'm able to use my MLB AtBat sub on either, most services like that are available on both as well.

                  Also, if you're purchasing any games via download and not the physical CD, you'll be installing them on the PS4 anyway. And for me, downloading & installing on either of them takes some time. That's just consoles. I'll always be a PC gamer at heart.

                  That's my experience.
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