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Looking to upgrade, PS4 vs XBoxOne

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  • Looking to upgrade, PS4 vs XBoxOne

    I currently have a XBox360, but I don't mind keeping it hooked up to play my older games. Console exclusive games aren't a big deal either. My wife does love the Fable series, but I doubt they are going to make another good one lol.

    Just wondering if any of you have a clear preference or if there are any things I should be aware of before buying either.

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    Never touched an xbox one, but i do own a ps4 and i have had zero problems/complaints.


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      Never had a problem out of my PS4. I do not own an Xbox One, but my cousin does. He likes it, but says downloading games are extremely mind numbing slow.
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        I had both and stuck with the xbox. They're virtually the same with the ps4 just a touch smoother and faster with some games. Trust me that's the only noticeable difference in performance despite all the numbers people will throw out there. It all comes down to preference really. I've never had issues of any kind with either system and prefer the whole xbox live community over PS. Plus xbox live seems far more stable than PS which seems to get hacked and taken down monthly. The xbox will be coming out with backwards compatibility soon too if your still interested in playing your old games. The controller was a big difference for me. PS4 has a cool touch pad but xbox is far more comfortable and I find has better feedback. Again though it's all preference as one isn't better than the other.
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          The PS4 is more powerful and gamer-centric, while the XBone is designed as a multimedia center. It essentially comes down to what games you want to play: would you rather have Gran Turismo or Forza?

          I have a PS4 and my only complaint is the DDoSing that happens every couple of months that brings PSN to its knees.


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            Comes down to a few things IMO.

            Game Selection

            Plus a few small things that storage differences being PS4 has a internal SSD you have to change out to increase while the Xbox only allowed you to plug in an external 3.0 HDD.

            Past that with PS4 your going to get 1080P at 30FPS while Xbox One you only get 900P at 30FPS. That really the biggest issue and isn't super noticeable.


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              Had a 360 and upgraded to the One. I enjoy it, even if I don't like the One's Party system.
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                I have the One, and my roommate has the PS4 , to be honest its more of a preference to which system carry's the games you want.

                On the PS4

                I like the big middle button that can be used as multi buttons.
                The PS4 comes with a rechargeable controller

                On the Xbox One

                I like how the controllers triggers vibrate, its amazing when locking up the tires or spinning them the triggers vibrate
                Forza and the upcoming tomb raider is the number one reason I got the ONE

                Really I play both often the number one reason I went with an ONE is Forza and Tomb Raider.


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                  Yeah I mean if I still had a console, it'd still be a Xbox. To me, Xbox has always been more immersive than a PS. PS seems to appeal more to retro gamers as the Xbox appeals to modern hardcore gamers. Also Xbox has always seemed like any "dummy" could pick up a controller and dig their way through the content with ease(it was a little easier on the 360 than the One but still). If you want a game console, PS is your way to go but if you want more than just a game, go with the Xbox.


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                    I went from a PS3 to an Xbox One and do not regret my decision. I would say Xbox has the better game selection right now. The only thing I miss from PlayStation is MLB The show. I bought my Xbox on day one and it's been excellent so far


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                      I have both and there is zero difference between them. I play Xbox more simply because most of the guys I play online with do, plus IMO Forza has passed Gran Turismo as far as console driving games are concerned.


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                        I had both. Went towards the Xbox as there's just better content and more to do with it. PS4 just played the catch up game with it but it's still going to be behind on that front when the new dashboard update comes out.

                        Backwards compatibility is huge.


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                          Xbox is actually the one that has been playing catch up, even stated last week that they just won't ever catch PS4 in sales. PS4 has sold twice as many units.

                          PS4 does have the better hardware, but they are both close. Comes down to what controller you like and what games you like being both are good exclusives.


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                            Catch up is regarding content. XBO is just more suited from the ground up to handle multimedia well.


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                              I'm also deciding which one to buy and for me, an issue I've always had with PlayStation is reliability. My first PS1 lasted less than two years, my second PS1 lasted three. My PS2 lasted just less than three and my PS3 lasted barely two years.

                              On the other hand, my 10-year-old Xbox still works (if I could find the damn power cord!) and my six-year-old Xbox 360 also still works. I've heard on the Xbox One that if your console messes up in any way, you lose all your games and have to buy them again. Is this true?

                              My preference really comes down to which is less likely to break within a couple years.