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The Forza 6 Thread

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  • The Forza 6 Thread

    Anybody picking it up on Tuesday (or already playing it)? I'm grabbing the console with it as I needed the larger space to begin with.

    Looks to be incredible and the car/track count is massively improved. Looked over the car list and OMGHELLCATRAPTORTESLAVOLVO was my first initial reaction.

    What's the first car you'll get, and what'll you do with it? Forza Hub is giving some rewards for playing the last few games so I think I'll beef up a V70 R and Model S.

    The demo was really, really good and the racing in the wet was probably the best I've experienced out of any racing game to date. Stoked for this one.

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    Plan on getting it in couple weeks. Just got Mad Max and I'd like to complete that before getting another game.
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      Got the ultimate edition and already cranking out some schemes. Even Newgarden himself likes it
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        Well the special edition console is cool!

        Kinda peeved they only give a download voucher for the's taking longer than I ever imagined to download and install.


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          I got the Ultimate Edition, so I have been playing for a few days now. Best Forza, by far. 5 was sort of a let down to me, content wise. I really like the car list, tracks and the rain/night. Sort of sucks they aren't dynamic and you can not race on a rainy track at night. With all that being said though, it is my favorite console racer, with Toca 3 a close second. I hope one of the DLC's will give us stock cars, even if they are the old CoY like they had in Forza 3/4.


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            My biggest gripe for games like GT and Forza is contact physics. Contact with another car shouldn't feel like it's running on a rail (specifically with AI). From the recent gameplay trailers it looks like this isn't going to be addressed.

            Game does look pretty tho.


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              Picture time!
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                Have they added any avatar customization? It started to bug me that your driver always looks the same and, I'd have thunk with open tops cars you would have at least a custom helmet.
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                  Nah, it's either male or female drivers and no other options.

                  In the grand scheme of things, I'm glad they focussed their efforts elsewhere.


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                    Pretty sure all of my cars are prismacolor now.


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                      Razor's BMW from Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I love it. Did you make that yourself?


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                        Nah, its pretty easy to find in the design catalog though. Just gotta search "NFS"

                        The rest of the parts for the M3 GTR are already in the game, so that's a plus.


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                          I'm really, really glad that they had some body kit parts for the Vandura.

                          That IDx has a RB26 in it too.....goes like stink now.

                          As for the Audi....first rain race I tried.
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                            How much better is this over 5?

                            5 was a let down to me with a limited car list and such.


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                              This is more akin to Forza 4 as far as the content goes. They basically took the foundation of 5 and added to it.

                              Hopefully there'll be more in the way of tracks for DLC....god knows what they'll add for cars considering how many are already in there.