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  • 3DS Max Render Scene Help

    Hi Folks,
    I was wondering if someone could do me a big favour. Can someone recreate this scene for the NWS 2011 Mod. I need the ford, impala, challenger and camry. I don't need the camaro from the 2013 mod. This was one of the scenes on Tenor's site. I have 2012 3DS Max and I can not for the life of me create a scene. Thanks, Jerry aka Heywood.
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    All they did was render them in png format one angle at a time more then likely and assemble it into one shot when it was done. Time consuming but not hard. Thats not a standard temp layout like the pro folks roll out. Its simple 3d model rendering and saving each one then combining them.

    So to do this you literally would do it like so...

    1. Set car to side with object orientation cube in the top right corner, turn off the floor, mirror and other scene elements other then lighting and reflections.
    2. Render Side A, save as PNG
    3. Select next angle using cube in top right, render save repeat until all desired angles have been rendered.
    4. Assemble in blank canvas in PS, PSP, AI, or other program of choice.

    If was not on my laptop I would make you a video tutorial on it. But this old thing Core 2 duo cant trans-code video very well now with my 512mb vid card so it will have to wait until I get home next Saturday if that's fine with you.
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      This kind of render isnt a render at all, its a layout and they hand draw all that stuff and save it as a mask, and then paint beneath it.


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        This will work as long as you don't use Mental Ray. Saving in .PNG with MR will not save as a transparent background. At least not as I have been able to in my experience.
        This will work fine when using Brazil or Scanline.
        Scott Seibert
        Co-Owner/Administrator Stunod Racing