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Render Request (BR Gen6)

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  • Render Request (BR Gen6)

    If I could please get this rendered on a two car scene, it would be greatly appreciated! Just a reminder that this is for the [BR Gen6 Mod] and it is placed on the [Dodge] chassis.

    Thank you in advance for whoever decides to take this!


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    Using ZModeler. Not the greatest renders, but should hold up until someone else gets to this.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SchollRender1.jpg
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ID:	1306092
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SchollRender2.jpg
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ID:	1306093
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SchollRender3.jpg
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ID:	1306094

    Nice paint!
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      Not bad work I would have made the Charger logo on the front a different color, as it is hard to see. Also might think about re-locating the front/rear car numbers to the Cup like location on the bumper.


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        Thank you both, for both the render and the zmod shots!

        Woofgm, everything I have done to the car was done as intended. I have been painting cars for years now, and this car was really something different. A different approach, different style, and just something to try and shatter the molds of the basic (put numbers here) types of things. As for the Charger logo being black on matte black, since Dodge has pulled out of NASCAR, I wanted to go for a ghost effect, like Furniture Row used to do with the Chevy bowtie, so that up close people can clearly see what it is, but from far away it wouldn't be visible.


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          Ah, it makes sense now. You wanted something a bit different than the normal thing. No problem there , glad you enjoyed the render.