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ZMOD tutorial

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  • ZMOD tutorial

    after chatting with dan, i decided to post this. maybe it could get stickyfied?

    1. download the model from team SBR under utilities

    2.when you open up zmod...load the model the red dot once the model loads and on the drop down menu find body

    4.then click the primary texture...this should open up a window with some image files

    5.find the button called add..and find your tga or bmp file of the flat

    6. once you got the file, click open, and then press the show alpha button..this should turn it off back up the red dot, and find the car body, under apply as, change that to light map. Now, take the top 3 sliders, and move them all the way to the left, click ok

    8. now...the model should be dark so to fix this close out of the red dot windows, and go to options

    9. from there find the tab called direct 3d

    10. silde the rgb sliders all the way to the right, and the shadows to the left ok and your done.

    NOW to get the render you have to have your painting program open

    12. once you adjust the model to the right look, press the print screen button...this copies it to the clip board. then go into the paint program and press control+V

    13. now crop the image to either 800x600 or less and save as a jpg and your all set!

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    Works excellent to adjust lighting! Definitely worth a sticky!


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      Where do i find Z mod at, do I buy it, DL it, I'm kinda lost... not in the info you gave me but as to finding Z mod crap


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        i'd get 1.07...thats what this is for


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 for scenes


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            10-4 Thanks!


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              srry to bother you again but when i oped options this is what i get,

              1.3d view,

              3.Hal direct 3d

              when i click on hal direct 3d it does nothing where do i find these sliders he refers to?


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                In ZModeler, go to Options > Settings > Direct 3D tab


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                  I figured I'd try it myself and this is my first attempt... does it look OK?

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                      yes it does!


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                        I cannot find the Direct 3D tab to save my life. Ideas?


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                          wow I am have issues with this....


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                            Originally posted by Donnie_87
                            I figured I'd try it myself and this is my first attempt... does it look OK?

                            Looks good, but I would either turn off the shadow or the mirrored floor.


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                              Where is a good place to find the models for 3d rendering.Also, do ZMOD & 3dmax use the same ones? Thanks!
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