To Install a Hauler

First you will need papybmp by Nigel Pattinson.

Then look at the dat file under the tracks folder in Papy Bmp.
Lets use Martinsville for an example I picked the 55 hauler at Martinsville to replace. Now convert the truck_55.mip to bmp then  copy the tga of the new truck and paste it onto truck_55.bmp save it and convert it to mip. Then place the new mip file into the martinsville folder . you must leave it named truck_55.mip.

#33Colorado Avalanche By: Nightwing

#34 Fosters By: Nightwing

#99 U.S. Coast Guard By: Nightwing

#66 Bud By: JC


#3 Hooters By: Brandon Lutz



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